Korean Fun: Kpop, Fashion, Dresses, and Lightsticks!

A lot of people have become interested in Korean entertainment. Mostly because of Gangnam style, which popularized the once obscure genre of kpop.

What you may not know is that kpop was an international sensation long before PSY came along. Kpop, or Korean pop, is Korean pop music that incorporates lots of group dancing, pretty boys and girls, and harmless rapping.

Seriously, the kpop rapping is so cute. It’s completely different from anywhere else. It’s not “gangsta” but can be anything you want. It can be romantic, funny, etc.

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One aspect of getting into Korean culture is learning to understand the language. Here are some things that might help you better grasp the language.

But before we get to that, we can talk some more about kpop clothing and the fashion that goes along with it. Kpop fashion is really popular, as who wouldn’t want to dress like a kpop idol? Who wouldn’t want to to wear cute dresses like A Pink?

Also, fan merchandise is huge, too, as fans want to express their love for their favorite stars on their clothes, lightsticks, phones, and practically everything else you can put a logo or a sticker on. EXO is an extremely popular group, from, SM Entertainment, made of up both Korean and Chinese members. You can get all kind of stuff by them such as lightsticks, clothes, dresses and practically anything else you can think of. Check out this cool review of the EXO lightstick.

Learning to Dress Korean

Are you looking to learn Korean? If so, you are going to have your work cut out for you. While you are likely thinking that you will never be able to learn how to dress in such a difficult style, it is simply not true. You have the ability to learn how to dress in a Korean style regardless of your age. The key is remaining consistent with your approach.

Tips To Learning to Dress Like a Kpop Star

1. Practice.

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of people make when they are trying to learn a particular fashion is browsing too much online. The fact is, if you are ever going to how to dress like a Korean until go you will need to get out shopping. The more you shop and interact with other kpop fans, the faster you are going to be able to pick up all kinds of things that can help you pick up the fashion sense much better and easier than before.

If you are not living in Korea or a place where there are a lot of fashionable people, simply go online and meet up with people that are. That way, you should be able to learn from them regardless how little Korean fashion sense you have. You can always learn no matter where you are located with the power of the Internet.

2. Go Online.

While you do want to get out and study the style on the fly, you will also likely want to consider investing in a good variety of Korean fashion books. While these books are not going to teach you everything there is to learn, they will teach you a good amount of things that you should know in order to be able to effectively dress appropriately for Korean weather. All of the books on the market have their own strengths and weaknesses. However, you are generally going to have a good idea on what books to purchase by looking at their respective reviews online.

3. Make It Fun.

A lot of people generally start out with a bang when they are interested in studying a foreign clothing style. However, the studying anything minimizes enthusiasm later on and people tend to wean off of their study habits as time goes on.

Thus, the best way to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you is by making the studying process as fun as possible. By doing so, you should be able to increase the chances you continue with good study habits and really maximize your chances of learning the ins and outs of Korean fashion.

My favorite way to watch kpop videos and seeing what Korean dresses and outfits they are wearing. When you make it enjoyable, like by incorporating your favorite kpop songs, you learn a lot faster and the time goes by more quickly. It won’t really feel like “studying” at all! You’re just watching your favorite kpop videos!.

We Love Shopping

That’s why we have made this site! We love to shop online for the latest fashions. One of our favorite styles to shop for is Korean fashion. Korea has a long history of being very fashionable and is beginning to rival Japan in terms of it’s avant-guard fashion sense. Many fashion designers are coming out of Seoul due to an increasing demand for Korean products.

Actually, Korea has been on the rise for several decades now. Don’t believe me. Well how about you answer a few questions: Have an appliance at home made by LG? Did you know they’re Korean? How about a Samsung phone? Well, Samsung is Korean, too!  They continue to push the envelope in technology in the same way Seoul fashion designers are pushing forward with Korean fashion. These two massive Korean companies are so big they’re starting to compete with each other on a global scale.

More importantly, though, is the rise of kpop. Kpop, or Korean pop music, has helped to place Korea as the music and entertainment capital of Asia. People from Japan, Malaysia, the Phillipines, China, and more are included. They are listening to kpop and watching Korean television and movies. It should be no surprise that Korea pours HUGE amounts of money into building up their economy. This is especially true in their entertainment and kpop fashion industry, not to mention Korean clothes. We’ll be putting more information about Korea’s burgeoning awesomeness soon.