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That’s why we have made this site! We love to shop online for the latest fashions. One of our favorite styles to shop for is Korean fashion. Korea has a long history of being very fashionable and is beginning to rival Japan in terms of it’s avant-guard fashion sense. Many fashion designers are coming out of Seoul due to an increasing demand for Korean products.

Actually, Korea has been on the rise for several decades now. Don’t believe me. Well how about you answer a few questions: Have an appliance at home made by LG? Did you know they’re Korean? How about a Samsung phone? Well, Samsung is Korean, too!  They continue to push the envelope in technology in the same way Seoul fashion designers are pushing forward with Korean fashion. These two massive Korean companies are so big they’re starting to compete with each other on a global scale.

More importantly, though, is the rise of kpop. Kpop, or Korean pop music, has helped to place Korea as the music and entertainment capital of Asia. People from Japan, Malaysia, the Phillipines, China, and more are included. They are listening to kpop and watching Korean television and movies. It should be no surprise that Korea pours HUGE amounts of money into building up their economy. This is especially true in their entertainment and kpop fashion industry, not to mention Korean clothes. We’ll be putting more information about Korea’s burgeoning awesomeness soon.

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